Friday, 14 October 2016

Let's Get Hammered!

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be working with Hammerhead Boarding Products - as a brand ambassador for their skateboards. Skateboards you say? What has that to do with paddling? Well... Land-SUP, or Street-SUP as some have called it, is a fun and different way of practising your SUP skills when there's a shortage of waves. Or water.

The Virginia Beach company (VA, USA) has made a new skateboard design that gets around some of the problems of using a "paddle" when you have wheels to snag it on. And although I currently live by the water, I have some great roads and pavements to skate, too!

It looks like a hammerhead, so it's called Hammerhead, and we're looking forward to getting hammered on some tarmac this side of the pond!

Here's a little taster...

For UK and European enquiries, hit me up here: or use any of my other links!