Monday, 10 February 2014


I've been wanting to rant about all the stuff people know, or think they know, about paddling, that I think is deserving of a bit more scrutiny.

Oh... sorry - that's my job, isn't it? As I've said somewhere else, my brief is to tell people they're wrong about everything and then make them feel good about it!

Well, I may do that every month, but this time it's not about anything in particular ("And it usually is?" I hear you ask...) but a compilation of all the little scraps and tit-bits that didn't add up to a whole article. It's frickin awesome though. Even if I do say so myself!

Six pages of random. Way to make a living...

I've cut the main photo off the top, by the way. Just to keep you in suspense.

This is Canoe & Kayak UK magazine's Issue #156 - in newsagents, or order online. There's a digital version too!