Sunday, 18 March 2012

So you may be aware that I'm working on an all-new book project, which I'm super-excited about. I've been writing short sections in fits and starts for a while, in and around doing Nookie stuff and other work, but sooner or later it has to get properly organised. So today has been page plan day. I haven't actually done that before - on previous book jobs I've written about all the different things I wanted to and someone else has organised them into some semblance of order, left out a bunch of stuff that they didn't like, and told me what was missing that I still needed to write. But since this time I am supposed to plan it myself, I've got a big spreadsheet which I am colour coding in the kind of artful procrastination to which only writers and students can truly relate. Yes, I can even procrastinate over the planning stage. I've washed the car, taken out the trash, called my mother, and drunk my body weight in tea... but finally, the page plan is complete.
It's with some trepidation that I've started to drop my draft pages, and more importantly word-counts, into the spreadsheet, but it seems to be making sense, so far. I'm roughly on schedule. Well, I have a sporting chance of ending up with the right number of words, pages, and pictures, at least. Now it's down to me to make sure that they're awesome. Or, start thinking about designing some sort of timetable for making them awesome, anyway...

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